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IPC Chapter 9 Test

The Chapter 9 test over Organic Compounds will be on Thursday, May 5th.  Please find the Study Key under IPC/StudyGuides/Ch9 SG Key.

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IPC Chapter 8 Test

The Chapter 8 test will be on Thursday, April 7th.  Please find the key on the blog under IPC/StudyGuides/Tests/Ch8SGKey.

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Biology / IPC Tests – Thursday, March 10th

Please find the Biology Study Guide key under Biology/StudyGuides/Tests/BioCh9Test Key.  The IPC Study Guide Key can be found under IPC/StudyGuides/Tests/IPCCh7Test Key.

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Biology – Chapter 7 Formulas

The practice formulas handed out in class can be found on the blog under Biology/StudyGuides/Tests/Ch7Formulas.

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Biology Study Guide – Test Thursday

The Biology Study Guide can be found under Biology/StudyGuides/Tests/Ch7SGKey.

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IPC Chapter 5 Study Guide Key

The Chapter 5 Study Guide Key can be found under IPC/StudyGuides/Tests/Chapter5StudyGuide.

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IPC / Biology Vocabulary Quizzes

The first quiz of the quarter for both IPC and Biology will be on Tuesday, January 12th.  The Biology Vocabulary can be found under Biology/StudyGuides/Quizzes/ChemicalPathwaysVocab.  The IPC Vocabulary can be found under IPC/StudyGuides/Quizzes/Chapter5Vocab.

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Mid-term Exams

The IPC and Biology Mid-terms exams will be on Thursday, December 10th and Friday, December 11th.

Study guides were handed out today.  The keys best online casino to Part 1 of the Study Guide will be posted tomorrow under Study Guides/Tests/Mid-termP1key.

The keys to Part 2 will be posted on Monday.

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IPC test tomorrow / Biology test thursday

The IPC study guide can be found on the blog under IPC/StudyGuides/Tests/IPC-ClassMattSGKey.

The Biology online casino study guide can be found on the blog under Biology/StudyGuides/Tests/Ch3SGKey.

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Last Quizzes of the Quarter for IPC and Biology

The last quiz for the quarter will be this Thursday, October 8th for both IPC and Biology.  The vocabulary for IPC can be found under IPC/StudyGuides/Quizzes/Ch2Vocabulary.  The vocabulary for Biology can be found under Biology/StudyGuides/Quizzes/Ch3Macromolecules.

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